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Meet Zein Obagi


Zein and his wife Ashley chose Redondo Beach as the place where they wanted to start a family.  Now, homeowners with a young daughter, they are fully invested in our community.

Zein Obagi is a respected attorney and the head of his own law firm.  He specializes in law that protects the rights of people in the workplace. He also serves as a leader with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. 

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How to pronounce Zein Obagi

Redondo Beach Leaders Endorse Zein Obagi


“I need Zein Obagi on the city council to break the gridlock that has prevented us from giving North Redondo the attention it deserves without raising taxes.”

Bill Brand
Redondo Beach Mayor
Redondo Beach City Council Member
Todd Loewenstein
Nils Nehrenheim.jpg
Redondo Beach City Council Member
Nils Nehrenheim

Steve Colin

Frmr. Council Member, Redondo Beach

Bob Pinzler

Frmr. Council Member, Redondo Beach

Tim Goodrich

Torrance City Council Member

Betty Lieu

President, Torrance School Board

Wayne Craig

President, Rescue Our Waterfront

Erin Joyce

Chair of the LACBA Small Firms Section & Ethics Attorney

Caroline Vincente

Frmr. Chair LACBA Small Firm Section & Mediator

Jonathan Marquit, Esq.

Redondo Special LLC, Co-Managing Member

Lezlie Campeggi

Redondo Beach Resident

Dawn Esser

Redondo Beach Resident

Rob Gaddis

Redondo Beach GPAC

Sheila Lamb

Redondo Beach GPAC

Chuck Tipton

Redondo Beach District 4 Resident

Candace Allen Nafissi

Redondo Beach Library Commissioner

Eugene Solomon

Redondo Beach Budget & Finance Commissioner

Rolf Curtis Strutzenberg

Redondo Beach Resident

Jason Conroy

Chair Redondo Beach Budget & Finance Commissioner

Gerry O’Connor

South Manhattan Beach Resident & Leader

Bill Bloomfield

Frm. Congressional Candidate, CA 33rd District 

Sam Yebri

L.A. City Council Candidate 

My Vision for North Redondo

Give our district the attention it deserves

For too long, North Redondo has not had a council member who fights for us.  If elected, I will be responsive to your concerns and needs.  #NorthRedondo

Protect fast police and fire response times

Our first responders are great.  We need to protect their funding without raising taxes.  

Make our streets safer, prevent speeding and crime

Use modern technology to reduce cut-through traffic and lower the speed of cars on Grant, Aviation and Artesia. Integrate protected bike lanes and more walkable streets citywide.

Bring attractive, popular businesses to Artesia Blvd

With new attractive businesses, restaurants, boutique hotels and art installations, Artesia Blvd can become even more vibrant than the Riviera Village. 

Stop Sacramento from forcing greater density on North Redondo

We need to band together with other cities to preserve local control over zoning.  Overdevelopment will mean more traffic, more demands on city services and overcrowding in our schools, all without creating sufficient revenue.   

Shield homes from Green Line noise and disruption 

I will fight to mitigate any negative effects on residents from the Green Line construction and operation.  Our current Council Member has failed to represent us on the development of the Metro Green Line. 

No new taxes wasted on poor decisions by our current Council Member 

He even voted against a cost-savings study that could have saved us millions of dollars every year.  Two thousand residents responded by asking for a recall.  They did not get one, but now you have an opportunity to elect new leadership.    

Read my Ballot Statement: Click Here
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